elcome to the web page of Lakkas - breeders of Irish softcoated wheaten terriers since 1987
I am glad that you have found your way to my web page about Lakkas. Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to translate all the texts on my web page to Swedish. Here, I will give you a short overview, after which you will hopefully be able to navigate also the Swedish pages and find the information you need.
Interested in buying a puppy? So far, I have bred a total of 56 champions, and have received awards from the breed club, the Swedish terrier club and the Swedish kennel club (Hamilton plaque – the only wheaten breeder to receive this prestigious award). Kennel Lakkas has previously sold puppies to Denmark, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Canada and USA, so I am well experienced in exporting dogs with all the paperwork etc.

In the autumn/winter of 2014, I plan to breed two females; Ch Lakkas Gala and Ch Lakkas Jamba. Gala will be bred to Ch Extra’s Esquire and Jamba will be bred to Ch Extra’s World Cup. All of these dogs have been hip x-rayed and have a steady disposition with no evidence of gun-shyness. These litters will be the first for both girls. Among the boys, Extra’s World Cup has already sired seven litters, and is the father of several champions (incl Lakkas Gala!) while the younger Extra’s Esquire has had four litters so far, with several certificate winners. I believe there will be some really exciting puppies in each of these combinations!

The page called 'Presentation' provides a short presentation of the kennel, and a map of how to get here. The breeders are myself, Hilde Nybom and, since 2009, also Linnea Luthman (a fantastic handler and presently a veterinary student). The kennel started in 1987 when I had my first litter. I have now had a total of 37 litters. All of them go back to my foundation bitch, Ch Teinikedon Avustaja, whom I imported from Finland in 1985. Her call name was 'Lakka' after the sweet, golden-coloured cloudberry liquer which is a Finnish specialty. Lakka was my first dog, and I competed with her in agility, obedience, tracking, search and rescue, and conformation. Lakka proved to be excellent at just about everything, and I just tagged along...

The next page 'Rasen' (The breed) describes the breed, which presently has about 300 yearly registrations in Sweden. A book that I have written (available in most internet-based bookstores) is mentioned. There are also links to the Swedish kennel club (SKK) and to the Swedish breed club (SWTK) where I am presently the secretary.

The page 'Uppfödning' (Breeding) describes my kennel in more detail. It all started with Ch Teinikedon Avustaja (Lakka), who became a Swedish and International conformation champion, an obedience champion and a certified search and rescue dog. In 1990 I bought a stud dog from the USA, Ch Doubloon Hobgoblin (Cobby), who has also had a large impact in the breed. Recently, I have mostly used stud dogs with lines from Ireland, Denmark and Germany. There are presently only two dogs in my home; Ch Lakkas Honeycrisp born in 2010, and Ch Lakkas Lord Lambourne born in 2012, while Ch Lakkas Harling Hero lives with my co-breeder Linnea. In addition, several dogs are co-owned with breeding rights, including Ch Lakkas Gala and Ch Lakkas Jamba who will be breed in the autumn/winter of 2014.
In 1998, Kennel Lakkas was the second wheaten terrier kennel in the country to receive the Swedish Terrier Club Medal for successful breeding. In 2013 I received the most prestigious award in Sweden, i.e. the Hamilton Plaque, as the first and so far only wheaten terrier kennel. Until now, 56 Lakkas dogs have attained at least one conformation champion title (many of them have several titles). I consider mentality to be a very important factor in the breeding program, and more than 100 of the Lakkas dogs have been mentality tested, including almost all the dogs that have been used for breeding. Several dogs of my breeding have also competed successfully in, e.g., agility, obedience, tracking, and search and rescue.

'Köpa valp' describes how litters are whelped and puppies taken care of here until they are old enough to move into their new homes.

Possibly, you will find the page 'Valpkullar' (Puppy litters) the most interesting. This is a list of all the litters born at kennel Lakkas. Click on names in bold text to find a photo and a pedigree. Several of the males shown here have been used as stud dogs. Please just contact me if you have any further questions about anyone of them.

Another potentially interesting page is 'Avelsresultat' (Breeding results alias 'serious bragging'). So far, there have been 37 litters at Lakkas, representing 35 different combinations, with a mean number of 6.3 puppies in a litter. 28 different stud dogs and 19 different bitches have been used in my breedings. A total of 24 male Lakkas dogs have been used for breeding, with litters born at more than 60 different kennels in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Canada and USA. A total of 30 female Lakkas dogs have been used for breeding, 14 of these only within my own kennel, and the other 13 at various other kennels, listed on the Swedish page. Until now, 56 Lakkas dogs have achieved conformation championships, listed with all their titles on the Swedish page. Some of the most successful are Nordic and International champion Lakkas Esmeralda (number one wheaten in Sweden, group placements in Sweden and Denmark, also obedience-titled), American and Canadian champion Lakkas Ulmus (number one wheaten and number 3 all-terrier in Canada, multiple BIS and BIG wins), American and Canadian champion Lakkas Ustilago (number 6 wheaten in USA, group placements, and two awards of merit at Montgomery in USA), Swedish, Danish and International champion Lakkas Calville Blanc d'Hiver (number 2 wheaten female in Sweden, group placements), and Swedish, Danish and international champion Lakkas Durello (number one wheaten male in Sweden, group placements). At least 15 dogs have achieved obedience trial titles, also listed on the Swedish page, one has become a certified search and rescue dog and another is a certified assistance dog. Recently three dogs have also acquired their 'wildlife tracking' championships, showing that there is still a fair 'bit of terrier' in these dogs!

The page 'uppfödaren' (the breeder) provides some info about myself. Not really that interesting... I am a member of various dog clubs and have been a board and/or committee member for a number of years. Presently I am the secretary of the Swedish Wheaten Terrier Club. In my daily work, I am a professor of genetics at the University of Agricultural Sciences, and therefore I take special interest in genetics-related issues also in dog breeding. I like travelling (not only to dog shows) and reading books, I hate cleaning the house and gardening. If you need to know anything more, just send an email! My co-breeder Linnea is a young girl (compared to me, at least) presently studying in Warsaw, Poland, in order to become a veterinarian.
The page 'Aktuellt' provides some news about what is going on with my dogs.
'Annonser' shows some of my advertisements and 'Länkar' means links. Have fun!